Chuck Strangers – Family Dollar Lyrics (feat. KA)

[Verse 1: Chuck Strangers]
I wasn't, born to ball, I came from hearing rats in the walls
Black forces strapped, car hard overalls
I come from 'Run from the black Impala', I come from 'Two for a dollar'
I come from GOATS with the turtle neck collar
The humidity make it ten times hotter
Double up, the world prosper
I come from bargain shoppers, yo
I come from 'f*ck what niggas think'
I come from hella plastic bags in the sink
From the beige trench, no mix
No time to think, I come "From once again it's on"
Momma singing sad songs cause they had to get him going, word
The mans be with his mans, your belongings in they plans
Your bros ain't your bros, where I'm from that's how it goes
Black forces worn by the enforcers
Creating orphans, leaving corpses, making niggas forfeit
I come from pure distortion, extortion and abortion
You can scream until your voice hoarse and…..

[Verse 2: Ka]
I'm from hand-me-downs, never boded, we ran it ground
Friends in caskets, couldn't grasp it like my hands was bound (Rest in peace)
I'm from 'Nothing in the cabinet', the feds had dibs
Post too much, get you touched, ain't no bragging where I live (Nothin)

I'm from day's wrath, couldn't leave home without knowing today's math
Hard place to raise cats, was God's grace when strays passed
From 'round the ways, dirty blocks
Dirty cops move a pound a day
Homie told me "You only get the Tony, if you down to play"
Seen bodies laying, ain't nobody playing
When it's time to pay him for thirst and hunger
Hunnid for a hunnid, search for perfect number
Come from where it hurts to slumber
I'm from shattered dreams, erratic teams
Would've been nice if they had the means
Wouldn't've been a clan if they was mint and had the greens
Yeah, it's fuming, treating us inhuman
Ace grab the 'chines
Blocks in abandance
I thought our lullabies was pops from the cannons (Bahp)
Don't care where you from, it's about the props, where you standing
Where I was stoned, cobblestone streets before the pavement
Back when the systems was the only thing that aids men
And every flower's fragrant, bless the child who made it
Where them days went?
[Outro: Ka]
Yeah, yeah
Where them days went?

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