Chuck Strangers – Luke Crib Lyrics

We live this shit, it's my real life, peep what it feel like
And they're still an eye, seeing all your wrongs
Puffing strong in solitude, my chest hurtin and my wallet too
Flick my wrist and I follow through
We out for dollars and product too
Going certified crazy
Made moves with what you gave me, had to get in my bag
Koolest Keith, this that Ultramag'
Pardon my back when it was on the wall, I couldn't get a call
It was me and my dogs, they seen me go through it all
On the floor, crashed out in my J's
By any means, that's on everything
I don't ever say "Die" and I ain't got no f*ckin uncles

Six 20's all crumpled, I need fourteen
Then I can ride off clean
This how Chad must've felt in his Carti-Airs
And after all them years, all I got is tears and souverneirs
A couple options on shares and reoccurring nightmares
I know the fight ain't fair, we still shootin for the duck tho
Columbo, I peep the whole scene before I intervene
Stay in the black and cream
Life gave us scrapes, now we're sippin Henny at the bank
They on that "Mr." shit heavy
Since you been gone bro we missed you, shit heavy
My real niggas knowin already

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