Chvse – Alliteration Lyrics

I’ll succumb to something that I summon soon
A solar shock of sudden sun or moon
To separate semesters, I’m the same as school
So search the sections, get to stepping fool
Saucing a snap-back onto my scalp
Seal the seams just to see what we sell
It’s so surreal my sight is a spell
Slow like a snail still out of my shell
She could suck the skin right off my little soldier
Till I squirt my seamen like a super soaker
Stained the seat with my seed
And shit it went through the sofa
Grab the sour cause I’m never sober
Stress and substance on my f*cking shoulders
I’m straight to strains and my statement stays
Smelling smoke of that stanky odor
Sir Skitzo
Got sufficient sums
Spit it sicker than a slut salivating with cum
With a similar rash to syphilis on her tongue
Cause I spread and make you suffer with the syllabus son
And now I’m spilling a song in a matter of seconds
A lot of self centered suckers always said in a sentence
That they’re superior to me cause they got it to spend it
But that summary suffices that they struggled to get it
I’m subject to speak, gon wreck this speech
Should I streak the streets while I’m naked
In my birthday suit, have the public sue
Then get locked up in that station
I see some support on my new success
Then superficial stuff and hate I guess
But I walked the length and that may suggest
That you’re out of style and won’t make the stretch
Now I safely see that I’m drowned in sorrow

Same damn day today or tomorrow
Sounding lame I gotta change my morals
Cause I’m far from sane and that shame will follow
Should I say your names or just keep it silent
If I did then I’d supply a riot
Several people sent to keep ya quiet
While I sail the seas just like a f*cking pirate
Seeking serenity, separating the sheep
The shadow of a Sheppard developed under my feet
Yo God
Ain’t my savior cause he ain’t been saving me
So I’m steady contemplating what Satan will say to me
The spirits are near me, I’m hearing them clearly
Scream at my phone like I’m serious Siri
I forgot I had a Samsung
Wrote my seventh note and then I’ll blow up in your hand son
In it while I’m sinning. I’m the synonym for handsome
Spitting shit like cinnamon I wish I never had some
Sippin’ on the Guinness till the spinach then I pack up
Strippin’ all the women till I finish then I pack up
She a simple hooker
Stranger in the dark cause she ain’t a looker
Hitting on my balls like a game of snooker
Then say my sac is sweet and taste the same as sugar
Sorry Sheila
It’s mainly salty
Pull it out and then embrace it softly
Suck my shaft until your face is snotty
Then go tell your bae, you gave chase a softie
They say I’m Santa cause I’m such a saint
En-using stanzas to suppress the hate
Man I live with struggles and it’s hard to take
But f*ck suicide
My mom’s heart would break

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