Civilian – Bottom Dollar Lyrics

Bet your bottom dollar
That I’ve been getting offers every day
I’m a coveted slave
They took me to lunch
I talked, they bought it
Then they sold my soul while it slept in the garden to a High-rise
Every step that you take is sequential
When every move you make gets bank rolled

You better believe I was shocked
When I saw this thing was propped up
By fear and its sponsors:
The banks and the law
When I felt a hand take ahold of my face
Yelling “Put all your goddamn’ friends in their places
Show them the ropes”
So I took them to lunch
They ate, I bought it
In exchange for their will
And I put them all to work on my High-rise
Where every dream is inconsequential

You should count your blessings we’re taking this over
You’re one of the lucky ones, you know you’ve got it made

An iron fist with a velvet grip is better than a cage

Oddly enough, the lower class
That built this town, that broke their backs
Are getting word they’re going to war
And everyone claps with tears in their eyes
Like we’ve got their backs, good patriots
Yelling “Show them what First World lead does to a mud hut
Lest any man should ever ‘gain mess with us.”
“Back to the East” says the sun to the soldier
As it sets on the West, as to curtsy in respect for his bravery
Because all his dreams are inconsequential

They say it’s anti-American to oppose all our violence
Thus, the pro-life hypocrisy: the talent pool is broke
The things enjoyed by the rich are always built by the poor
You ain’t supporting the troops if you ain’t supporting their war

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