Civilian – I Told You Lyrics

Back in the void via word or a spark
Whatever gave us sight also kept us in the dark
Where am I to stand when every other man

Who doesn’t have a clue as to which way’s up
But says he talks to God
And this is what he wants

So, I told you I want to know you
More than I want life
The harder I look the less that I find
At least I know I tried

Headlights cut through the leafless trees
And the shifting shapes got the children screaming
I cannot concede that a snake or a beast
Has a hellbent hand on the helm of the deep

It is more than safe to say
There’s no way that I could know
From whence we came or where we go

I told you I want to know you
More than I want life
Though the truth may not console you
At least you know you tried

I have a picture of my mother and I
Underexposed, the sun had left for the night
Though often I wonder what to make of it all
I’ve never discovered that the shine has worn off
To sell us on heaven, the armies of God
They say, “This beautiful garden is just a burial plot”
They couldn’t be more wrong

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