Color Theory – In Space, No One Can Hear You Cry Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I am a non-critical system
Stuck on an overcritical rock
Lacking the skills, knowledge or training
To qualify as an astronaut
But could I be a passenger?
Stowaway or cargo?

[Chorus 1]
In space no one can hear you cry
I smile and mouth the word goodbye
I’ll seek out a colony
Whichever one will take me
Take me to the stars

[Verse 2]
An object in motion stays in motion
An object at rest stays at rest

Sound waves can’t travel in a vacuum
And nobody passes my empathy test
But I don’t need an audience
Loneliness beats ignorance any day

[Chorus 2]
In space no one can hear you cry
A satellite to resupply
I’ll survey the galaxy
Hitchhiking from rover to rover
Take me to the stars

[Chorus 3]
In space no one can hear you cry
Self-conscious of their naked eyes
If you join in my fantasy
I promise to accept you

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