Convey – The Way Lyrics

Topple all the monuments for men who came before me
Silence all who underestimated and ignored me
All of you are only on the earth to tell my story
Some of you refuse to let me shine
I will send a shockwave and all of you will hear me
I will send an earthquake and all of you will fear me
All of what you thought you knew is now only a theory
And only I can be a guiding light
When the truth is

I can help you hold on
When the lies are a symphony
I’m the only one loud enough
Truth is trickery when all’s said and done
Let me show you the way
Let me show you the way
We’ll break every convention and eradicate the process
All who
Dare to question will be branded as dishonest
Silence all dissension and make good on what we promised
Only I can be a guiding light

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