Courtney Marie Andrews – 15 Highway Lines Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Fifteen lines on a highway stretch
Is the amount of time it took to think of you
I’ve been there before and I’ll be there again
I’m like a tethered ball you can never catch
You were my only friend

Time is taut, there is no way to bend
It to way back when I knew you then
To you, all the love I send
From this long mile
From this passenger bed

Oh, lonesome road
Teach me to run
Back into the arms of my darling one

[Verse 2]
Fourteen days and a fever dream
Was all it took to wanna see me
The lover’s card and some tea leaves
Was all it took to wanna be with me

But if fate is a dart that you throw at a map
Then you can’t count on fate, you can count on that
Fate is the devil that made you my past
Fate loves and loses and never looks back

Oh, lonesome bird
Teach me to fly
Back into the arms of my sunshine

[Verse 3]
Thirteen hours till I see you
Flyin’ all around this world so you can see me too
For once, this head has somewhere to lay
In the arms of my long lost honey babe

Time and fate
Oh, time and fate
Lay me in the arms of my honey babe
Lay me in the arms of my honey babe

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