COVID-19 Count in China Drops to One, Worldwide Count Increases to 3.34 Million

COVID-19 Count in China Drops to One, Worldwide Count Increases to 3.34 Million


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China, wherein the deadly coronavirus first appeared last December, confirmed just one COVID-19 count, the NHC said Saturday. With no new fatality, the death toll stood at 4,633. The estimated confirmed cases on the mainland as of Friday had been 82,875. The NHC estimates that as many as 77,685 patients recover. One new import coronavirus case with no new local infection is on Friday, it said. A total of 1,671 cases of COVID-19 imported from China were registered, including seven in critical condition. The province of Hubei and its capital Wuhan, the virus’ epicentre, has not registered any cases of coronavirus since April 4 for 28 consecutive days, local health commission said on Saturday.

Hubei also reduced his COVID-19 emergency response on Saturday from the highest to the second-highest. Lowering the emergency level indicates a significant advancement in Hubei’s coronavirus prevention and control, Vice-Governor Hubei Yang Yunyan told media. Meanwhile, on Friday, 20 new asymptomatic cases register. With the total number of these patients going up to 989.

Asymptomatic cases apply to people tested positive for COVID-19 who do not show symptoms such as fever, cough or sore throat. The present however a risk of transmitting the disease to others.

The world, however, is under immense pressure as the government keeps on extended the lockdown due to growing count. Presently, the COVID-19 count has increased to 3.34 million.

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