Crystal Lake – See This Through Lyrics

Passion escapes my body
See this through

I brought it with me to this place
Not endurance or revelation
Undeniably it’s here, now a part of me

How can I know, where to my place my next step?
I pray for rest, but changing would end it here
Years pass by, never seeing our full limit, only the slightest glimpse
Withstand with all my power at all times

Like giving your child all the love you have

Like delivering those footprints to your child to be
See this though
Every step is full of feeling

Every step, one of caring
No matter how many times I was thrown into hell, I listened to my own sound

Release your feelings and share with the people here
Travel light, travel far, to the end, see this through!

Wasted years have passed away, but from now on it’s just us

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