Cullah – A Man With A Golden Soul Lyrics

Far away but not long ago
I saw a man with a golden soul
He saw no right but he spoke no wrong
He wrote no writ but he sang no song

Today’s the day he said to me
I’ll cut your chains and it’ll set you free
Now there ain’t no-one to tell you how
To fight your fight or to take your bow

But Lo! Behold!
It ain’t so nice
Alot of long car rides

Alot of cold cold nights
Cause it ain’t that easy being free from yourself
When you ain’t got no-one and no books on your shelf

And now, you see, I’m free from a sin!
From love, from pain, or any trouble I’ve been in
But who needs trouble when you got love
Who needs love, its too much trouble, for some

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