Cullah – Soul Challenger Lyrics

Hey hey mister
Mister right
Hey hey mister
Mister wrong

Hey hey trouble
Trouble and strife
Hey hey sorrow
Won’t you be my wife?

Woman woman
Tell me your name
Let me have my
Life reclaimed

Waiting, wondering
All my life
Tryin’ to love you
With all of my might

I’m the soul challenger
I’m the rogue damager
Now behold the cold
And the straight magical

Because the sky brings the floods
As the strong go weary
The heroes spill blood
In a blast and a fury

Pray on the power
And prey to your father
Because all of the quakes
In the universe resonate
To your heart beat and your fate

Now break it on down for me

Grade a lover
With a brown eyed stare
Take me from my
Life of dispair

Hold me closely
Whisper in my ear
I got my own reason
Why i love you my dear

Hey hey lady
Lady in white
Open your arms and
Enlighten my sight

Comfort and carry me
To my new home
Open your heart
Let your soul free to roam

Get back out and
Make your brain take some facts in
Make your hands start to clap then
Unh, hear the power of whats happening
All the waves are a crashing
All the throats are gasping
All the triggers are fascined
All the lights are a flashing
All to the rhythm of my passion

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