Dame D.o.l.l.a. – Goat Spirit Lyrics (feat. Raphael Saadiq)

[Intro: Dame D.O.L.L.A]
It’s Dame D.O.L.L.A, ha

[Verse: Dame D.O.L.L.A]
Overflow of success, I weren’t apologic
Scared money, make nine, tell ’em D.O.L.L.A said it
If I ever had to fail or come up short, I move forward, not abort
‘Cause the mission a drip for me like a sport
I only see the bigger picture
Nothing minor or minature
And if you petty, I probably miss you
If you deadly, I might dismiss you
You try to check me, you get your issue
Usually, when they look the part, it never fit you
Like Kim K at a sizzler or a chick that wanna be wit’ you
But she be playin’ sister
These niggas can bite but can’t replicate charisma
All this positivity help me negate the temper
Cut my circle down the middle, quickly, they forget you
No benefits, they talk down, early stage dementia
Still the realest in my field and I’ma state consensus
Find it funny when people get the hate in they heart
It’s clear I’m bored ’cause I just stopped evading the darks
The day ones and day million gon’ change in the dark
Only a few stay parallel ’til you place it in park
I’m not a dummy, I was smart when money was funny
I needed a chef, I hired my cousin Punky
Bloodline on my back, like, what’s a f*ckin’ monkey?
I get in my truest form when I’m feeling spunky
Hit my line, I be coming through in the clutch like
23 in his prime and they couldn’t touch Mike
Bloodsuckers, I be wakin’ up to bug bites
I wouldn’t shy from a battle if me and cubs fight
Feel the vibe though
Like it’s Vegas, we at The Cosmo
This house was built wit’ my chicken like Roscoes
When it come to hoop, I’m a huncho
They prayin’ for my fall from the stage but I ain’t Bob though, silly niggas
I always knew who was really wit’ us

Talkin’ ’bout, “We bros” and all along, they was really sisters
Type that wanna see you when you down so they really kick you
Gotta watch the ones that scream “Loyal”, they really switchers, really switchers
Bat on both sides
Think I’m blinder than ghost ride
Couldn’t ride my wave with a low tide
My posture lowered, givin’ praise to the most high
I’m that dude and all the realest gon’ co-sign
From the gutter to a million, nigga, more tired
Never sell my soul, nigga, miss me with the soul ties
Stand alone at the peak, I left a couple widowed
A nigga bold, I do him [?], I resemble bimbo
Don’t wanna see me hulkin’ up ‘less it’s Henny and hypno
Wanna slice up out this pie, you can fade me, I’m kimbo
I exercise the pen but all my actions equal
A master of the mind, my biggest weapon, lethal
Dame junior, only candidate to be the sequel
I come in peace so it’s best if niggas just keep it peaceful
I took some L’s in this season but shit, I roll with it
My chin tucked when it’s rough, even my lows different
I slip [?] ain’t gotta co-pivot
See my picture by their goals, I got a goat spirit, nigga

[Outro: Raphael Saadiq]
Just look in the mirror
Look into my life
With a frame
You can’t be framed if you’re not in the picture (Everyday, everyday)
Sometimes I get tired
Still I just rise, I rise, I rise
These streets don’t love you like you think they do, nigga
Smile and take a picture, pose wit’ you
Then they go and turn their backs on you
Some of the shit that I’ve been through
Would make a young nigga cry, just know I feel you too, yeah
I slid right on through, shit got me lookin’ in the mirror, like, “How’d you get here?” (Here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here)

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