David Wirsig – Arielle Lyrics

Well if it isn’t our old friend-
Arielle how long has it been?
Something like thirty days, thirty days
Since anybody’s seen you
Well before you run off again

Just had a few things to tell you
And after we’ve said our peace
You could come with us, catch the bus
Or you could just walk away
But you owe us this much at least

Cause you won’t get clear
And it only gets worse from here
If you just do nothing

Do you tell yourself not fight it?
Do you stay awake every night?
Do you say
“one day he could change into somebody better”
(if you play your cards just right)

It started just how you hoped it would
And it ended just how you feared
You said every word, every word

At every perfect time
But still his smile disappeared
Sleep for days, come undone
Don't the best of us eventually run
Out of ways to cope
Set thirty bucks aside for a rope
Cause you won't get clear
And it only gets worse from here
Don't you know we all mean well?
Everybody here is scared as hell
It's gonna happen to you too

Unless you've something to lose
Before he makes you choose
Put on your coat and your shoes

If you’re tired of hiding
We’ve prepared a way if you want
All arrangements made, plans are laid
And all expenses paid
Are you coming or not?

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