Dc The Midi Alien – Artists In A Time Of War Lyrics

[Intro: Sample]
*The role of the artist is to transcend the given wisdom
The word of the establishment, what is handed down by the government and it’s the job of the artist to transcend that, to think outside the boundaries, to dare to say things that no one else will say*

[Verse 1: Trademarc]
We are artists in a time of war
This ain’t a song, it’s a call to arms, bring ’em on, knives to firebombs
Whatever your firearms
I want a million man march, AR15s on shoulders
All of my soldiers, power to the people you see
Or I could bring my people to the powers [?]
Where I could just reach you at home, but I’ll surely not preach you alone
I want free-thinking revolutionaries that refuse to bury their rights
Due to every government oversight at night
Y’all are glued to the tube, eating up the news like fast food
Like every soldier killed is glad to
Every single bill’s to tax you, every single bill’s just passed through
Steady phone calls harass you, while the National Debt’s around fourteen figures
But I figured ain’t nobody calling them pointing fingers

[Hook: Sample]
*According to the Declaration of Independence, governments are artificial creations. Governments are set up by the people of a country to achieve certain objectives. Equality of all people in their right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and when a government becomes destructive of those ends it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it*

[Verse 2: Trademarc]
I want my government to fear me, flag me
Watch list, try and gag me
V for Vendetta black bag me
I intend to marry my right to bear arms
A militia mentality, rally me [?] and move on
Behind enemy lines, with every line, I’m like Tiananmen
Can’t state my sentiments and my contemporaries?
They’re just temporarily dead weight
Way beyond local PD, it’s a fed case
To justify killing, you’re considered a head case
You ply with villains and you’re living in dead space
I mean blackball publicly your patriotism’s erased character defaced like stars at last calls
As drunk straw witty one-liners that our city’s finest citizens
Are eating fine dinners in
Slipping in back doors and killing them slow
For such a rich country we got little to show

[Hook: Sample]
*As soon as you speak outside the boundaries, as soon as you say things that are different than what the establishment is telling you to say, what the newspapers, what the media, what everybody, including all leading intellectuals, are telling you to say, as soon as you do that, the question of your patriotism arises*

[Verse 3: Trademarc]
I don’t condole flying planes into two buildings but I understand kids shooting school children (why)
Cause I reach that level myself, when everyone else start to look like the devil himself, it doesn’t help
Everyday they betray foreigners as catalysts to coroners and killers
Like every Muslim born is suicide bombing his village and raping and pillage and on ’til freedom is gone

That sells stickers and T-shirts but kids back from war a year later you could stick ’em in deep earth
I got a message for politicians, I’m polishing my weapons and mission to be abolishing their posh living
Like shooting fish in a barrel, glistening
Pistols carrying arm, like Marilyn, Christmas Caroling
Gone are those days
Y’all ain’t reap what you sow cause the last thing you’ll see is my muzzle flash glow

[Hook: Sample]
*Of course remember that all of us, whatever we do, have the right to make moral decisions about the world and it takes only a little bit of history to realise how dangerous it is to think that the people who run a country know what they’re doing. And it needs some history to see that the United States has behaved in the world like other imperial nations in the world. It’s not surprising. You have to be honest about our country. If we’re gonna be anything, if there’s anything an artist should be, if there’s anything a citizen should be, it’s to be honest. To be able to look at yourself, to look at your country, as honestly and as clearly as you look at what people do elsewhere and just as you can examine the terrible things that people do elsewhere. You’re not willing to examine the terrible things that were done here and done by our government. War is good for business. Invest your son*

[Outro: DC The MIDI Alien & Jon Hope]
*Avengers Radio, I’m your host DC The MIDI Alien, still on-board with ya. Yo these phone lines’ve been really lighting up man. We got my man Jon Hope repping Rhode Island on the line. Yo Hope, thanks for the call homie*
*Man, waddup, waddup, waddup, am I on?*
*Yeah you’re on the air dog, what’s good?*
*Word. Hey this is Jon Hope, I wanna give a big shout out to my homie DC on [?] shit man. I’m listening to Avengers Radio and you got me [?] man, you go me [?]*
*Word, I’m hyped too man. I mean me and Trademarc just kidnapped this dude. Had to do it man, we ain’t really hurt him. We ain’t hurt you right?* *muffled talking* *Alright that’s enough. So yo Jon you got a request for me?*
*I need you guys to shed some light to address what’s going on right now. This recession got everybody f*cked up. Can I curse?*
*Yeah man you can curse. I think the FCC is pretty much the last thing we really gotta be concerned about at this point*
*Word. This shit got everybody f*cked up, know what I’m saying. Everybody. I mean you gotta take out a loan to buy cash now know what I’m saying. And what’s going on with this oil stuff kinda makes you wonder man. And these actions of malicious [?]*
*I think a lot of hard-working intelligent Americans feel the same way man. That’s why I’m happy we collaborated on this Recession joint man*
*Word, word.*
*As a matter of fact I’m gonna drop that right now*
*Yo Jon you got any shout outs man?*
*Shout out to you guys man. Big [?] too man. You [?] all man. I wanna hear myself*
*Yo this next track is Jon Hope featuring my man LB. Recession, on Avengers Radio. Stay tuned y’all*

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