Dead Tears – Undeniable Existence Lyrics

A path set to be taken, since we first opened our eyes
A paradise was promised, yet it all turned to lies
As we faced the brutal reality, it felt impossible to perceive
Revelations arrived, despising existence is all I could see
Yet this existence we have not chosen, is consuming us alive
Dark is the way to Eden, and we struggle to survive
Victims of an imposed truth
We struggle to survive
We battle and strive
Witness our demise
Bleak fates, for we’ve been running in the same cycle
Decimated societies, lifeless creatures being recycled
Beyond alteration, we nurture the root of evil

Our blackest fears are embodied by our own deeds
Born in an obscure world, searching for answers in darkest of places
Yet the truth was hard to unearth, eternal hatred is all that is unveiled
The ugly truth is unveiled
Guilty though we’re trapped in the loop of this endless machine.
At journey’s end, the reality relieved as being obscene.
A dying future, an undying curse
Mankind dispersed, Limitless enmity
An endless circle emerges of public hostility
An endless Hostility
a hate-fueled state, and hate it creates!
A hate-fueled hate!

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