Dee Watkins – Cry When I’m Gone Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Ayy, I’ma keep it real
I’ma tell you really how I feel
They don’t wanna let a nigga live
They just wanna see me broke
They don’t wanna see a nigga grow
They wanna see me posted at that store
Baby, you don’t understand
I ain’t really tryna be your man
I’m too busy runnin’ all them bands
Takin’ pictures with my fans
And we got them sticks in the van
I pray that this shit don’t get out of hand
I’ma slide for my dogs
‘Cause I know he slide for me back
Put that on my mama, that’s a fact
He gon’ to the nigga dome
He gon’ teach a nigga how to act
Smokin’ dead niggas, we can match
Really I’m just tryna chill
‘Cause I just put my mama in the crib
And you don’t understand how I feel
Mama couldn’t pay the bills
Now a nigga worth a couple mill
f*ck it, now it is what it is
I be feelin’ like f*ck it
I don’t need no introduction
No hustlin’
Do it for my mama and my cousins
I love it
Notice they was comin’, I ain’t rushin’
Mean muggin’
But he don’t even know the slug’s comin’
I can get you gone by the press of a button
Bag on his head, I ain’t even gotta touch him

I ain’t give a f*ck about your shooter, nigga, f*ck him
I ain’t tryna meet no new niggas, I don’t trust them

And I’ma get a bag that’s by any means
I ain’t never bought a bitch a wedding ring
Had to cut that bitch off, now she dead to me
Nigga scared of me
Had to thank Lord ’cause he’s blessin’ me
I just want you to see the best of me

[Verse 2]
Look, I ain’t f*ckin’ with these niggas I’ll be in my lane
I be runnin’ up that money stayin’ out the way
She wanna f*ck with me but I ain’t got the time of day
Boy, you be trippin’ ’bout that bitch, you need to tie your lace
I keep the bitch rollin’, I got a lot to say
I keep the heat on me, I can’t die today
Long live Meek, like my dog I wanna fly away
But since I can’t fly I’ma just get fly today
Walk with a whole lotta raps in my pants
Niggas try to rob me I’ma let this 40 dance
Way these niggas hatin’? I ain’t ever understand
When I was chasin’ money that’s the only time I ran
Whole lotta rats like I hit the lotto
We chase money, not hoes
Die for my bros
Slot with no poles
Hate me while I’m here
Cry when I’m gone

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