Deeds Of Flesh – Terror Lyrics (feat. Dusty Boisjolie & Robbe Kok)

The final battle is here
Onslaught and carnage are assured
Man and beast united
It’s time to crush the enemy
As they approach the Alyen horde
The power of the mind supreme
A mass of creatures hurled aside, crushed and twisted
Probing thoughts penetrate internal organs
Blood pours and sprays as diverging foreign screams
Penetrate the sky
Once inhabited landscapes now left in pools gore
Alyen matter covers the ground
Creatures not immediately killed
Suffer beautifully
Limbs cracked and broken backwards
Splitting skin tears as pressure pulls the flesh apart
Eyes and brains explode as they come within our sight
Thousands of suffering enemies piled across the arena
A mural of gore and purity
Some are kept alive to induce information
The alien mind is hard to read
A cacophony of thoughts can’t be interpreted immediately
The brain learns fast, the language is deciphered
Scattered remains decimated and disfigured
A supreme display of crushing domination
Humanity revived to its rightful power over our domain

Cruelty divulges information
About the now hidden alien forces
Attrition is now their fate
It’s time to hunt them down and distinguish the horde
Our allies are fierce
Their Virvum beasts are dragged to the bottom of the sea
Incoming waves of enemy invaders are no match for the new race
We will crush them where they stand without movement
The mind does the work, manipulating the mass and flesh
To do our will
With savage tactics of barbaric strength and force
We will vanquish and become…victorious!
Distressed, they’ve seen our new power and run afraid
They know they are defeated
The Alyen ships docked in orbit begin to turn and flee
The formation moves to the air
And using mind driven powers
Pull the ships from orbit to the Earth
Like meteors from the sky
The atmosphere burns with cinders of alien debris
There is no escape for the horde, they are slaughtered
Mankind will never surrender
Therefore never be defeated

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