Delta Sleep – Lake Sprinkle Sprankle Lyrics

Oh my, I did not recognise those eyes in that dress you wore
Your thighs are stuck in my mind, I'd like to carry them home

Release, this urge needs feeding

[Verse 1]
Now that's done, was it worth the fun?
Tell me, could I be the one for you?
I don't think I thought this through…
So, see you around

I never meant for this, you know I’m damaged goods

[Verse 2]
Lately I've listed the reasons why I can't move on
And why I sleep in the house that we lived in for over three years now
Staring at paintings, recounting the places we'd been together
I try to escape but I can't seem shake all these pictures (of us)

[Verse 3]
The light up on the desk still burning bright
The way I'm dressed suggests I left it on all night
I've probably done the same the night or three before

Another crowded thought for clouded minds
Of broken promises I'd made a million times
On how to let go, breathe, and do more exercise
It's getting colder as the days merge into one
I best just lay my head and pray for morning sun

[Verse 4]
So from this moment on he started drifting
And dreamed of colours that he'd never seen before
And all the types of fruit he'd ever tasted
The air was warm, the sky was clear of water
Beyond the lake were trees far as the eye could see
This was the place we used to swim together

Those things up on your chest look mighty comfy
I best just lay my head and wait for morning sunbeams

The wait is over
So in we go
To find a home

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