Democratic White House Candidate Joe Biden Apologies for his Racist Comment

Democratic White House Candidate Joe Biden Apologies for his Racist Comment


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Candidate for the Democratic White House Joe Biden is in damage control mode after saying “ain’t black” to African Americans if they would consider voting for him for President Donald Trump. In an interview with a popular black radio host, Charlamagne Tha God, on Friday, Gaffe-pronounced Mr Biden made the point about his outreach to black voters.

Later, Mr Biden expressed his regret at the “cavalier” comment. The black vote was key to the Biden nomination. Mr Biden, 77, emphasized his strong connections to the black community in the 18-minute interview, recalling his decisive victory this year in South Carolina’s presidential primary, a state where the Democratic electorate is more than 60 per cent African American.

The presumptive candidate for November ‘s election also “guaranteed” that he wanted many black women to serve as his vice president. He has also pledged to pick a woman on the Democratic ticket to join him. A campaign aide interrupted towards the end of the interview, saying the former vice-president was out of time.

Mr Biden Attends Interview

Charlamagne encouraged Mr Biden to come back for another interview and said he had more questions.

The nationally syndicated Charlamagne Breakfast Club show hits over 8 million listeners every month. Joe Biden has just stepped on a live ethnic identity electric wire in US politics. His popularity among black voters has been rock-solid until now. There’s no hope that Friday’s line will do anything to change that on its own. However, the Trump campaign will be happy whether they can chip away even a sliver. It is of the support from Mr Biden, especially in key electoral states. Like Wisconsin and Michigan, in which black voter apathy hurt Democrats in 2016.

At the conclusion of an interview, Mr Biden’s gaffe came. He was questioned about whether he preferred Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar. It is about his running mate who is a black woman. That he reacted with indignation-and then veered dangerously off-script-indicates. Also, his choice may lie with someone like Ms Klobuchar, who holds Mr Biden’s pragmatic political sensibilities. However, if Friday’s kerfuffle has staying power, he may feel compelled. It is to choose a black female candidate such as Kamala Harris or Stacey Abrams. It is only if only to clean up the mess he created.

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