Diorama – Smolik Lyrics

No underaged drinking
Beware of the dog
Watch your step
Mind the gap
Slippery surfaces
Unstable cliffs
Electric fences
Corrosive mines
Tornados and hurricanes
High voltage wire
Laser radiation

Caution, slow down!
Caution, slow down!

But what about the unborn…
What about the unborn…
What about the unborn…
…alien under your skin?

Elderly people
Nuclear warning

Critical values
Fatal drops
Use at your own risk
Don’t drink the water
Don’t feed the bears
Don’t cuddle the puppies

Low blood pressure
Extreme downhill grade
Volcanic fumes
Snakes, scorpions
Keep off the grass
Don’t touch the monument
No trespassing
Spring guns

“But what about the unborn…”
“What about the unborn…”
“What about the unborn…”

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