DJ Envy Announces His Wife Gia Casey’s Mother Has Died

DJ Envy and his wife Gia, along with their extended family, have been plunged into mourning following the death of Gia’s mother, Norma Grante.

DJ Envy announced the sad news on Wednesday (May 5) in a social media post. While the DJ and radio host did not reveal Grante’s cause of death, the sadness in his Instagram post could be felt by fans and followers, who flooded the comment section with condolences to the family.

DJ Envy shared three photos, each displaying a young and pleasant version of his mother-in-law. In the first photo, she clenches her son-in-law’s arm. In the second, they embrace each other in a simple pose, and the final photo displays his wife as a young child and Grante as a younger woman.

“This is extremely difficult for me to write,” he said in the caption.

The DJ also questioned, “How do you tell your wife that everything is going to be alright, when her best friend is no longer here….?”

Envy, whose real name is RaaShaun Casey, noted how he received the sad news and recalled how supportive his mother-in-law law was when he chose his career as a DJ.

“We were supposed to be on an island right now but just hours before we boarded, we got the worst call imaginable….I tell the story all the time about me choosing ‘Dj’ing as my career…. everybody laughed and thought I was crazy, but not Gia’s mom….Norma said, ‘Do what makes you happy & f*** everybody else. If there’s anything you need, just come to me,’” he recalled.

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He continued by announcing, “Yesterday, (May 4) Norma Grante passed away…She was loving, ever supportive and such a major part of our lives and my career….I Miss You And Will Always Love You.”

The DJ’s wife, Gia Casey, has not yet said anything regarding her mother’s death. However, since her husband’s announcement, fans took to her page to comment below her latest posts, offering condolences, prayers, and heartfelt tributes.

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