Drakeo The Ruler – Ingleweird Lyrics

Niggas ain’t gettin no money
Man this shit gettin ingleweird
I ain’t f*ckin’ with these niggas
Nigga I’m the don, turn the whole Cali against you
Tie a nigga up, he hang over, you be black [?]
Hunnid out the chop, try to box, he’ll get whacked up
Bruce Lee kicks on the mop knock his plugs out
He’s a cult member, hang him up like a coat then
Jenny from the block make him rock like we slow dancin’
The ruler I’m the don, niggas know that im a foolie
It’s Forgis on the Dawn, only poor people buy Rucci
In eight months for beatin’ life, I got a million for [?]
Talibans and they blood huntin’, spinnin’ with his koufi
Shoot somethin’, thеy don’t even be outsidе for me to do nothin’
I’m wearin’ two kilos, get him whacked for a c-note
Think I’m Weezy F. Baby, Ice Cream and Go DJ
The fireman I burnt him, we ain’t tryna hit him [?]
When we pull up to them trenches with them foolies
Turnin’ party gang members into witnesses who man is this? foreal
How you join a gang when you 25?
Drakeo do they know with you it’s do or die?
And when you fry all yo’ opps make it supersized
I think this nigga mad ’cause my jeweler Rami
They let me in the club when my toolie hot
Stone a nigga quick I medusafied him

Get down, thirty three shots Scotty pip out
Spin laps, turn the suburbs of Inglewood to a gym factory
Just dance, Brian [?] here, p*ssy nigga jump man
The stinc team run LA, you gotta come better
Please take yo’ hollow chains back to your one jeweler
It’s time to set the play up I’m a punt kicker
No name niggas always wanna be a part of somethin’
Since niggas want a handout, I gotta let him hold a hunnid
Know a lot of niggas told in Inglewood, ya’ll condone snitchin’
I just dropped fifty on a blind nigga he ain’t see it comin’
Keep the homie name out yo’ mouth or white sheets be covered
Blow a nigga toppins’ off of bread, it’s a pizza party
Niggas cold as f*ck even with a boosie feature
Bygones be bygones, that wouldn’t even do for jesus
Niggas sweet as buttercups turn his ass to reeses pieces
Left a massacre at Neimans, If a pile was left than clean it
You can take it how you want to, receive it I’m a demon
Inglewood niggas weenies, I’ma felon, you a preacher
Talk to me, I was poppin’ ‘fore I had the Drake feature
Shout Aubrey that’s my nigga, realer than a lot of niggas
Don’t run up on me with my jewelry I be quick to pop a nigga
Dread heads in the car, got some top shottas with me
Uh shit

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