Dreamdoll – Different Freestyle Lyrics

Ayo ock, let me get a chopped cheese before I smack the shit outta you

It’s Dream lil’ bitch, I know you mad as hell (Dream, dream)
Drip going crazy, Louis jacket, and the bag Chanel (Whew)
Amazon p*ssy, I ain’t f*cking with no average mail
Dream still getting old chips like the bag is stale
Niggas I’ma never f*ck, asking if my ass is real
p*ssy game different as f*ck, and he ain’t tripping once
I’m a freak bitch, I need to feel his dick in my gut
f*ck being boo’d up, come spit in my butt
Real nasty when I f*ck ’em, I’m on demon time
Brand new Urus, let him eat it while my seat recline (Skrrt, skrrt)
Couple rich niggas, it’s a few I had to leave behind
Lately I’ve been weighing all my options like a Libra sign (Baow)
Niggas think because my name is Dream, I should sleep wit’ ’em
Water on the wrist, let the diamonds just sink in ’em (Baow)
Let a nigga ever try to play me if I link wit’ ’em
Forty-two shots, and I ain’t tryna have a drink wit’ ’em
I’m the goat of this shit, thought I told you and shit (Uh)

This a different type of p*ssy, put your throat to this shit
Bars crazy but you know I had to show them the shit
No Lamar, I’m just feeling like I owed ’em this shit
f*ck DreamDoll looking like f*cking the help? (Uh uh)
I’m a millionaire, I need to be f*cking myself (Mm)
I got big Birkins up on my shelf
I get the bread, get the head, then I leave, nigga f*ck what he felt (No cap)
This a big body Benz, not a Pathfinder (Ayy)
That’s a couple digits ‘fore you see the last comma
Never been a broke bitch but trust me now my cash longer
I done seen niggas come back more than bad karma
Telling me "This p*ssy so different, ass so different"
So good make your nigga go missing
I just only want the head, no kissing
I could have any nigga, your’s no different
I, so different, ass so different
Mm good, make a nigga go missing
Lick lick on my kit like a Clinton
I could have your niggas, no, no different (Dream)

I said Dream

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