Drive-by Truckers – Awaiting Resurrection Lyrics

Is there an evil in this world?
Yes, there’s an evil in this world
Is there an evil in this world?
Yes, there’s an evil in this world
And it creeps up from behind you
When you are least suspectin’

Is there a dog in this race?
Yes, there’s a dog in this race
I’m lookin’ at his tail
But I’m thinkin’ about his face
So I keep on pushin’ forward
Acquirin’ and collectin’

Is there an absolute beginnin’,
Or something beyond the end?
Will I come back as that dog?
Will I have to live through this again?
The truth seeps out between us
In the spaces that we’re neglecting

When push comes to shove
And our devils come at us running
Will we be caught in the flood,
Or something far less stunning?
Will that serum keep us honest,
From the answers we’re deflecting?

There’s a voice within the void
And I swear it sounds familiar
Within the truths that we’ve destroyed
Whisperin’, "Come here"
And the answer is within you

But it keeps on disconnecting

There’s an evil in this world
I’ve seen it in the news
Of babies dead in schools
Or scattered in the pews
For reasons without answers
In the dark, beyond protection

I’m moving through the void
Starin’ down the fright show
Standin’ in the darkness
Just waiting for the light show
I try with all my might
To seek the truth you’ve been rejecting

Seeking some salvation
To the limits of my talents
I hold my family close
Just tryin’ to find the balance
Between the bad shit goin’ down
And the beauty this life can keep injecting

There’s a whiplash in the news
And the evil man’s tirades
A joker’s motorcade
And military parades
Lives in the balance of the dirty deals made
To win elections

Guns and ammunition, babies in a cage
They say nothing can be done
But they tell us how they prayed
In the end, we’re just standin’ watchin’ greatness fade
Into darkness, awaiting resurrection

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