Drone – One In A Million Lyrics

They come with tanks and spread disdain
Pumping down a culture’s fate
If young, if grand, if armed or not
For freedom in the name of God

And then you freak out and you’re seeking
For a victim of your mission
Feel the pressure that is steaming
Be the killer of the regime

I hate this fate
My hate is my way

Hunt for you – hunt for me – hunt for everybody
Could be you – could be me – could be anybody

Hating you – hating me – hating everybody
Feel no sorry, no worry for anybody

Can’t you forget?

Blood for oil and tears for all
Thrills and kills of defend call
Go alone to sacrifice
Now run for revenge, try to die

Can’t you see?
Can’t you feel?

Hating you – hating me – hating everybody
Killing you – killing me – killing every f*cking body

Can’t you see there’s no way out of hell!

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