Duwap Kaine – No Autotune Lyrics

Damn, damn

My nigga we trappin’ underhand, underhand
Why can’t I trust my own man
Really I can’t trust no bitch
Hell yeah man my nigga with the shit
My nigga with the shit and he not no snitch
Call Of Duty man you know we shootin’ shit
You got hitmarkers man I know you gon miss
We be in the streets man this shit not no diss
She like me and she say she want a kiss
Hell nah bitch I can’t take no risk
Can’t hit no lick with you boy that’s a risk
I can’t wait to bust down my wrist
Sippin’ wock I ain’t sip on that Tris
Niggas plottin’, why this Glock on my hip
Don’t try nothin’ you gon get hit in the hip
f*ck the club, give a f*ck bout the VIP
I like Marijuana, I like zips
And I like pounds too
She wasn’t around me when I was down too
I don’t even wanna be around you
I was probably high when I found you
You a bitch, give his ass a tutu
Big Glock this is not a 22
I’m posted in the cut nigga and I’m smokin’ on some endo
Post outside yo door with thе Glock,nigga, big extendo

Yea I ridе through my city real low nobody know I’m there ho
But I ride with the Glock,yeah, sittin’ right there on the chair though
Damn 12 hot nigga when a nigga look out the window
f*ck 12 nigga, they ain’t know shit and I know too
Glock in my hand right now as I record this song
Rollin’ up KK I ain’t talking Krusty Krab but i’m smokin’ strong
And I got too many plays on the way, lil nigga go alone
Tryna talk real shit on the mic boy this not no sing along
I don’t need no autotune, I do the same on my own
The things that I went throught, I went through on my own
Text everyday and I know she see her phone
She don’t love me no more, tryna figure out where I went wrong
I don’t really need no autotune
Got choppas with me and all my goons
When I blow up, when I go Kaboom
Don’t try to ask me for some money, you doom
Y’all niggas live ya life so fake, cartoon
And I can see the ocean, and the lake, and the moon

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