Dyscarnate – Cain Enable Lyrics

Once. more past the heretics gate, where harlots. and angels breed deceit in accordance
With his. word. it is they who shall ascend while the sons of the kingdom burn for the
Omnipotent. innocent, not proven guilty. they are surrounded by the celestial army
Bearers of the whitest standard, heralds of the purest note. marching again across
The mouth of hell, his harsh commands resound amongst crusaders
“pierce the flesh! send venom through their veins! bow! worship! massacre them in my name!”
Once more past the heretic’s gate-the seventh herald saw what was taught: as was the
Serpent raised in the wilderness, so must be the son of man; that who believes shall
Not perish-but suffer for eternity. disciples and deceivers herded together within
The walls that will become their tomb

Men who whimper for their brittle bones, which will soon be crushed into dust. stakes
Hammered into the ground upon which their women and children are impaled. upon the
Seventh passing, the walls crash to the ground-like a curtain falling upon the
Inhabitants final shreds of sanity. as was the serpent obliterated at his hands, so
Must be. the son of man. his final words of hatred call from the great heavens
The orders shimmer through the harsh wind like the blood that will surely follow
Once more past the heretic’s gate, where harlots and angels breed deceit in
Accordance with his word. sons of the kingdom burn for the omnipotent
“cut down the groves! break it into pieces! slaughter! crush! annihilate!”

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