Dyscarnate – The Promethean Lyrics

He destroys with the shining lamp of knowledge, the darkness born of ignorance. Orchestrated by Death himself. Master of the inferno, bringer of devouring flame to this transitory world. Divine dealings with mortality – residing in their hearts. Snatching the bounty for another human race, where holocaust is victory and peace is defeat
The radiance of a thousand suns bursts into the sky – eruptions surging outward, disintegrating the partisans as they march on to a death unknown
It begins. The swelling gloom which spells conclusion across the heavens. This is the splendour of the mighty one. Bound to this monolith – a tragic monument to his pride. The crowd once gazing skyward exclaiming wonder, they round upon him, blinded by his brilliance. Their eyes are opened as they scream: “Blasphemer!” In his twisted vision of the cosmic form, fouled by artificial breath, he shatters galaxies. “Now I am become death”

To end everything and begin, to become the destroyer of worlds. This is his conviction. Across the stars the scriptures are unfurled
The creator’s revelation: End everything and begin
Imploring them to heed his scripture of liberation, he cries “Worship Me!” as they blow his legacy across the skies. Innocent screams entrap his mind, as the crowd continue taunting, lives that never were; relentless, torturous in their haunting
This is the splendour of the almighty one
Destroyer. Blasphemer. Igniter of the thousandth sun
This is the splendour of the almighty one
Destroyer, Blasphemer. Master of all and none

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