Earl Sweatshirt – Whole World Lyrics (feat. Maxo)

Runnin’ after shit, I think I want to double back
Devil hittin’ my peripherals, start laughin’ (Yeah)
Goin’ off of what I know, and wanna see from that
Growin’ up I know I changed, know that things happen
Look a man in his face
Dreads in the way and on his chains
Gold ride it in a day, forgot his name
But he told me, "Never change," we parted ways
I had to face with the man in the mirror since
Grew complacent with the human that I was
Angels sittin’ on my door, had to recognize
All the feelings I disguise, it’s there when I bleed
Eyes to my feet, can’t stand when I see

The world around me, steady crumblin’ (Crumblin’)
The world around me
The world around me, steady
The world around me

[Earl Sweatshirt:]
Made a home outta house, lotta closet room
Bones stackin’ like dominoes
Catacombs, after the glow, the battle carry on
Get all that malice out your soul, the efficacy strong
I finish what I start, the funeral was hella long
I fell asleep, the effigy was short
My effervescence lost, but not entirely, I shrug the venom off
You kept a tiny peace for times we in the war

I like to think of life as deep, chilly water
We in it, feelin’ warm, swimmin’ upstream
f*ck is niggas on?
Icicles hangin’ at my heart, cagey, estrayed, stay away
I hate to say they made me a dawg
Anxious, movin’ at a pall bearer’s pace
My family flame in the rain
Enemy of the state, f*ck a allegation
Caskets and crattles to the grave and back again
Thanks to the source of the creation
And match fixed like a batch of fresh lemonade
They still couldn’t fade us
How much shrapnel can your soul take?
The visions wasn’t shabby at and angle
A phantom facin’ a hallway, incarnations
Angels are coordinated with the fifth to the floor
Let’s go half on a baby, I’m just playin’ a course
I’m just sayin’, maybe, later on

I got the, whole world round me
Whole world round me crumblin’ in my vision
Whole world round me
I got the whole world round me crumblin’
I just standin’ in my pivot
Whole world
Whole world round me
Whole world round me
Whole world round me
Whole world, whole world round me crumblin’

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