Echolyn – A Short Essay Lyrics

I've been given a chance to put my hand in my head
To pay with a coin and throw the slug into the gutter
Pay any way you choose but just remember
We're not alone in knowing our decisions

Fall dead south to the burning river
Or sail up north, yours is paradise
When all is done and you meet with your forgiver
Will you look away when you see all you are?

Exposed in a light complete we stand alone naked
Unveiling our shadows in brilliance

I was wrong to think the promise I made at thirteen
Wouldn't make any difference
I wake up with a smile, dress myself in the same clothes
Only difference, this time it's for me

You sit at the table
We all feed off the center until there's nothing left
Break it if you're able
With the bones we've left behind I made a wish
I kept it to myself 'til now
I kept it to myself 'til now

Raise a little Cain when Abel turns away
Jekyll would be dead if Hyde had his way
Every Grinch can find true meaning
All your moves are up to you
On our right always waiting never begging for more
There's a friend for the moments we need him
On our left always wanting to even the score
There's a friend who will sell us our every desire…

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