Edenbridge – Mystic River Lyrics

Naked eye
The mirages of twilight
You´re passing by
A silhouette pristine
Privy caves
Dalles, a lurking peril
Downstream the waves
The shining mazarine
A brooding silence fills the air
(into the air)
And i hear voices in despair
(voices despair)
The apparition down below
(down here below)
An anathema long ago
(so long ago)

The elevation glows
Silently it flows

Entangled never leaves you
And as the night is drawing on
The light of day has gone
The mystic river seizes you
Black as coal
Woebegone the story
Not one lost soul
The essence of the past
Lunar sky
Dreams of pain and anguish
A lonesome cry
Voices fading fast
Glaring colors is all i see
In this river of mystery



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