Elway – Albuquerque Low Lyrics

I spring awake and the flames lick at my heels
I fall and freeze in sentiments I’ve grappled with for years
Like how I’ll give up everything for what I love to do
And how it all means nothing if it isn’t all for you, old friend

I slam my f*cking head into the wall again

Before you go, promise you’ll commit my bones
To the salty sand and stone on the gulf of mexico
And when the tide rises to baptize the shore
Let the wind take me home via Albuquerque low

We sat and smoked on a speeding midnight train
I arrived and mourned the fact that she would come and go again
Hung up on the cities that we both wanted to leave
Speaking slow and somber like we liked the taste of air between our teeth

We watched the sun come up and faced reality

Crack your windows on sleepless summer nights
You will hear me on the passing ocean breeze
As it softly carries me

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