Emily Kinney – Easy Lyrics

I am easy, I am weak
When I hear you start to speak
Across some great stage we’ll call the bed
I work so hard just to be easy instead

I am easy, but I’m not loved
No, my whole body is never enough
I practice patience, I pray for will
But when you come around I can’t sit still

And I would pay a million dollars
For a train at midnight
To Philadelphia to sleep by your side
A million miles from Atlanta
To Greenpoint Avenue
I’d travel hard just to be easy for you

Oh, I am easy, always the same
I never whisper your perfect name
I covеr scratches left on my chin
I wash your smoke smells from my white skin

And in my stomach are butterflies
I calm their flutter with your little white lies

[Chorus Repeat]

You’re like a secret that I write down
Stuffed in my shirt sleeve
No one has found out
This little secret keeps gaining weight
Being easy can be hard to take
Being easy can be hard to take

You’ve got these rough spots
I’ll rub ‘em down
I wanna show you I’m not just
Some easy girl you found
Let’s go to Paris, let’s go to Rome
You’re like a hotel I keep wishing was my home
You’re like a hotel I mistake for a home

[Chorus Repeat]

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