Emu Music – See The Man Lyrics

[Verse 1]
See the man formed by the Father’s hand
Dust unto flesh, filled with His breath
In the image of God
Loved and blessed
Given the very best
Destined to rule, fill, and subdue all of the earth
But death entered the day he ate from the tree
Condemned all of mankind to follow His lead

One day a man will come
Undo what we had done
One day a savior will return

[Verse 2]
See the man leaving his father’s land
Sent by the Lord
He journeys toward a promised place
By his faith would come a nation great
A number surpassed all of the stars shining in space
His name would be renowned from the east to the west

And all people on earth through him would be blessed

One day a man will come
Finish what had begun
One day a savior will return

[Verse 3]
See the man come from His Father’s side
His word become flesh
And all His fullness dwelling in Him
God’s delight, speaking the words of life
Kingdoms revealed, broken are healed, blind given sight
And for all history’s sin, the righteous is slain
By His blood, death is destroyed, He’s risen again

And so He will come again
And then forever reign
One day our savior will return

And He will return

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