Famous Dex – Like U Know Me Lyrics

I’m bout to roll my weed too
Yeah! Woah! Dexter! Ha yeah, Ohmangoddamn!

Bitch call my phone, she get siri-ed
I just bought a K with a SK, yeah I’m serious
Huh oo corona got a nigga worried (f*ck corona)
Bitch just run up on me swear to God I’m shootin, Curry
Oo yeah huh oo gram
Everywhere I go everybody wearin a mask
Huh what hop out to rob your ass
Huh yeah put the gun off to a blast
Ha .44 ha 1, 9, and kick to your d-door
Got a bad bitch and that bitch go low
She want a Perc yeah I tell that bitch go ouo ouo
She popped a RP but I ain’t talkin no repost
Ha we done popped a Perc no we gon eat up
Ha and I’m smokin dope that bitch is an e-thot
Ha da doe, oo baby go low, ha on the tippie-toes
And they call me Dexter and I keep a gun
And I’m shootin at whatever
Nigga try to play me yeah I shoot at whatever
I’m bussin off a Perc yeah I feel like whatever
I’m in in outer space, ha oo, ha wait
Had to take a break, had to take a break
Ha If I catch a opp you know I’m shootin
I don’t given no f*ck and I don’t beef on no computers
Ha yeah pull up in the Range, yeah the Uber
Ha yeah pulled up in the Range, not a Uber
Pull up in that new Maybach yeah with your bitch
And I got your bitch on my lap she eatin dick
If a nigga lookin tough hit him with a clip
Hit him a stick and that bitch it’s got a switch
Oo ha watch his body rip
If I see a opp I swear to God his body flip
Huh yeah but I ain’t really with that shit
Niggas he a bitch he a opp throw your clique yuh
Spin up in your face cause I know you’re high on it
Ha and I got a bad bitch I swear she be on it
Ha niggas actin lame man I swear they so phony
Huh But I’m gettin money and that’s in the morning
Wait everyday tho I get my cake up

Ha a bad bitch I play her like a lego
Put a hole in a nigga I ain’t talkin bagel
I put a hole in your bitch and she eat the dick up
Yeah she eat the whole dick
Ha I don’t f*ck w you, f*ck your whole clique
Who you ridin with? Y’all some whole bitch
Nigga I’ll shoot at you with this whole clip
I got a K and I’ll let it spray
Cook a nigga up and I ain’t talking steak
Put you in the ice like a cube
Ha bitches wanna play me like a GameCube
Ha yeah what ha bitches wanna play me like a GameCube
I’m the man bitch pour ice up in my roof
Pour ice up in my motherf*ckin igloo
Ha yeah huh yeah I’m rude
Bitches wanna play me like a GameCube
Ha oo oo I say baby wanna play me like the GameCube
I’m gettin money yeah and a nigga rude
Ha oo baby wanna play me like the GameCube
I don’t give a f*ck tho
I’m gettin money and I outta control a slut hoe
You run up on me Imma shoot you in your cutthroat
Ha bad bitch and she give me good throat
Ha that’s a GameCube

I’ve been gettin money I ain’t worried bout you
Nigga actin lame yeah I know yous a fool
Run up on me swear to God you know Imma shoot
I been gettin money since 2002, that’s 2001 and 2003
That’s 2004, 2005, you run up on me I swear to God you will die
2006, all these niggas some bitches 2007 I ain’t worried bout 11
Let me skip to the 12 when a nigga was held
Let me skip to 13 when a nigga was dumb
Let me skip to 14 when I lost my mom
Let me skip to 15 when this shit was hard
Let me skip to 16 when this shit wasn’t easy
Let me skip to 17 when they wouldn’t believe me
Let me skip to 18 when this shit just got crazy
Let me skip to 19 when I had me first baby
Let me skip to 20 when coronavirus
Now 2021 now I just wanna see silence

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