Fans Urged Asian Doll Not To Tattoo King Von On Her Face

Should Asian Doll get a tattoo of King Von on her face?

Asian Doll’s fans are not into the proposed tribute she has in mind for her late ex-boyfriend, King Von. The Chicago rapper was shot and killed almost two weeks ago after being involved in an altercation at a nightclub in Atlanta. The dispute between two groups (one of whom is associated with fellow rapper Quando Rondo) devolved into a shooting, and Von sustained bullet wounds, which would later claim his life in hospital.

Despite no longer being together at the time of his death, King Von’s former girlfriend, Asian Doll, was amongst the mourners. “My heart is gone I’m just a empty soul in a human body I rather die then to feel this pain. I CANT TAKE IT IM NOT STRONG ENOUGH VON,” she wrote in an agonizing tribute to the “Crazy Story” rapper. Asian Doll continued to lament the loss of the 26-year-old and yesterday shared with her Twitter followers an idea she had to keep the late rapper close at heart. “Light let me go get Von tatted on my face,” she wrote.

Fans thought that this was not the best idea and attempted to discourage the “Barbie Everywhere” rapper from doing so. “Not ya face,” on responded to the tweet. “Maybe ya back or ya arm. Hell even ya hand but not ya face that’s ya money maker!” Another fan believed that the Dallas artist had already done enough to commemorate Von on her person. “NO . you got his name tatted enough,” they wrote. “No more face tattoos. i wish i would’ve knew you was getting mymy i would’ve said hell nah . he know you know we know it was all love.”

Asian Doll appreciated the tweets and thanked her followers for their concern.

Iight let me go get Von tatted on my face ?

— Queen Von (@AsianDaBrattt) November 17, 2020

Not ya face ????? maybe ya back or ya arm. Hell even ya hand but not ya face that’s ya money maker!

— Lady Q ?? (@Tasty_Ma) November 17, 2020

u doing too much now???

— ??Viyah?? (@ViyahDaBrat) November 17, 2020

Y’all be so concerned about me I love y’all ?

— Queen Von (@AsianDaBrattt) November 17, 2020

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