Fergus & Geronimo – Where The Walls Are Made Of Grass Lyrics

Edible plants, berries and nuts
(like the Natives used to do!)
I’m gonna live totally free, escape everything I knew
Shitting in the woods, mud on my face
I am one with Mother Earth
Yelling at the moon, eating what I kill
It’s the dawn of my rebirth
Let’s build a house in a town where the walls are made of grass

Treating people rude, all organic food

(like the Natives used to eat)
Telling bums that I couldn’t spare a dime
Buy a paper I won’t eat
Picking paint swabs out, find the darkest grout
And tile for the master bath
The demolish site was ready overnight
One last tomb to clear the path
Let’s build a house over a grave made of steel, concrete, and glass

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