Fifth – Masterpiece Lyrics

Mom you lied to me, I was abandoned, You took on others
that weren’t yours, I found a way, To vent my feelings, I
was alone and I had nothing, So how does it feel? To live
your life, No concept of commitment, Look what you’ve
done!, Look how it ended! I am so glad so glad you left
me, So your in control, Everything your way, I’m so glad

that I am not there. How far will it go? Hypochondriac oh
Ever think it might be you? Suicide isn’t worth it, No
one even know’s who I am, Pray to god ask him of it, No
reply I am who I am, You always ran, You always left us,
Why is this commitment so hard? Left two kids, Now I have
my own, Impression of my life you’ve ruined!

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