Fishboy – Talking To The Doctor After Pressing The Elevator Button That Grew On Your Forehead Overnight Causing Your Legs To Grow Uncontrollably Lyrics

Doctor can you help me out I’ve been growing for over an hour
You see? three more feet
And I can’t wait for long before you know it I’ll become to tall to see
And I’ll be in the clouds
And everyone will gather round

Doctor what do I do I can barely see my shoes
My legs won’t stop
People they won’t understand
They’ll think that I’m an evil plan to kill them all
Sure that’s just a guess

Doc I’m in a giant mess

Oh I can move to an island and can live alone
Without a television or a telephone
But all I wanna do is just shrink back down to size

Doctor please don’t laugh
I’m taller than the male giraffe at the zoo
What do I do

“well son, it is my professional opinion that you should run for president”


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