Flee Lord, Roc Marciano – Breath of Air feat. Ransom

Tried the [?] for my pimp folks
Y’all n***as been jokes
I ain’t flip a Franco before I sit here broke
Knocking on Heaven’s door selling [?]
saying prayers for the Lords
Ain’t a force, need the Lord
There’s a war going on outside
You can’t sit in, you gotta come with your A
Having a plan B
(You ain’t got no second chance!)

[Ransom verse:]
Me and Flee just viciously violent
Not a whisper, we silent
Put suspicious behind it
White shirts slippin sliddin like he was hit with the [??]
Tell this bitch to advise it, selling clip to remind her
Life is like a movie, view the tapes
N***as hate to rewind them
I feel great when I’m griddin’
Flows that will shake up the climate
Lord never take on [?]
Ain’t no brakes when you ride it
Fix the brakes and align me
No mistakes out behind this
I shoot from long distance like John Wick

[Breath of Air Lyrics will be soon updated]

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