Florida Law Enforcement Authorities Release Violent Block Party Video

Florida Law Enforcement Authorities Release Violent Block Party Video


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Law enforcement authorities in Florida released a huge weekend block party body camera video in which officers claimed they had been hit and struck with glass bottles, a mason jar and a bar stool. The release comes after partygoers quote by The West Volusia Beacon who state the authorities wrongly punish black attendees, Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood said Monday.

The sheriff’s office approximated 3,000 people showed up around the city of DeLand, north of Orlando, at several locations. DeLand Police Chief Jason Umberger state the event supposes to be a memorial, but he adds that no permits give and it no advertising as such, Orlando’s NBC affiliate WESH reported.

The bodycam footage captures officers telling the participants to leave the road and move their cars. An officer sees at another stage detaining a man who reportedly threw a pistol before fleeing from authorities. At other times, attendants hear shouting that is nothing the people do.

Chitwood said they have detained seven people. Two men face accusations of possession by a convicted felon of a weapon and ammunition, tampering with evidence, resisting arrest and other counts. Other data about the arrest were not immediately available. The Volusia County Sheriff’s office said someone in a car was shooting at officers with a rifle or a shotgun. After being hit in the foot a man at the party is later shift to a hospital.

Umberger states mending the bond between Spring Hill’s mainly African American community. it is where the event starts. DeLand Police Department has become one of his priorities since joining the department in 2017.

He added that due to the coronavirus pandemic, the city had cancelled all coming public activities, while Gov. Ron DeSantis allowed counties to start reopening this month.


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