Forgetters – Ribbonhead Lyrics

Oh ribbonhead you go too far
You are not allowed out in the yard
With the children and your big black boots
Holding your half heart in hooked hands
Describing your circles in there sand
Someone must stop you ribbon head unhook the wires leave you for dead
For all you’ve said with no proof just a few spent shells
You must go back to the basement
With the rakes and ghosts
Holding your half heart and oil can
The tears of a robot skin of a man
Its how you were programmed
Going fatal going dead
We can impose a history on what we see
We only need to tape our eyes and make believe
Ribbonhead this is the last time well meet under the trees
Jefferson Memorial gray skies and overcoats
You know the code up to our knees in brown paper envelopes
Ripping the red thread from their throats
Ribbonhead you know you’re my champion
I want to see you win
And eliminate the hearts and minds
Of these pale satellites
Who direct our eyes through time
And would make a lesser crime
Of what they’ve done
Hopeless and young you go too far and push too hard
Against all we are
Westchester rotary and a 3 car jail
Holding your half heart and hip flask
No rings on your fingers no kings in your past
Someone should stop you, ribbonhead
Burn down the barracks
The dreams in your head
This is the last time
We’ll meet out in the fields
Code name is Jericho
Gods in the envelope
Read and destroy
Nothing is real
Buildings in rifle scopes
Crack pot reporters notes
The end of the boy

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