Former US President Barack Obama Criticizes Donald Trump

Former US President Barack Obama Criticizes Donald Trump


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Former US President Barack Obama’s response to the coronavirus crisis strongly criticized his successor Donald Trump. He calls the U.S. pandemic treatment in a private conference call “an utter chaotic catastrophe.” His comments make while urging former employees to work for the presidential election campaign of Joe Biden, CNN reports. The White House responds that the “unprecedented” intervention of President Trump had “saved the lives of Americans.”

And during the call, Former US President said the approach to government by his Republican successor was partly to blame for the US answer to coronavirus.

The decision to drop criminal charges against former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn also strongly criticizing by Mr Obama. Nearly 80,000 people have now died and the US has reported cases of more than 1.3 m-both of which are by far the highest in the world. In March, several states adopted lockout measures but have now relaxed restrictions that allow citizens to return to work. Yet health officials caution this could lead to further spread of the virus.

Mr Trump’s pandemic strategy has gone oscillating. He dismissed the threat in February, saying it would vanish but he acknowledged its magnitude by mid-March. So, he indicates in April that ingestion of disinfectant is a cure-something expert quickly dismissing. He declares last week that he would close the coronavirus task force for his country. But later he said it would continue-but focused on reopening the economy.

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