Frvrfriday – Titanic Lyrics (feat. Ye Ali)

She gon pop a xanny
Brown skin with a fatty
Dasani, dasani
Dasani, dasani
We got the bags on us and it’s heavy
Labels hittin’ up my telly
Can you feel it, feel it in your belly
I might show you my ways if you let me
Stop playin’ with the fire I go all out
Still think about your body when I’m offline
I been gone for a minute but it’s all fine
I been waiting baby now it’s your time

Titanic, titanic
Titanic, titanic

When I pull up on a Friday you know what to do
When I pull up on you I always gotta keep my cool
Niggas moving shady always gotta keep a tool
Smoking gas now a nigga running out of fuel
Got me doing shit I never really ever do
I just really gotta do it girl for a few
I gotta try to pay my dues
Oh if they knew (Oh if they knew)
I’m impressed
The way you move your body I’m impressed

Shawty lookin’ lovely I’m impressed
I wanna get inside you I confess
I wanna get inside relieve your stress

Titanic, titanic
Titanic, titanic

[Verse: Ye Ali]
Titanic when I hit you with the wave
Icebergs sit around my neck
There’s nothing left to do or left to say
I hit everything, I won’t perfect my aim
Shoot it all, shoot it all
There’s nothing they can do with us, do with us
I do not know who to trust, who to trust
I know it’s such a rush, such a rush
I’m laying all in Miami
With a girl who is so hot it’s satanic
It’s soul is so lost that it’s tragic
But I cannot say I’m not damaged
Myself, I know
They don’t want me to be happy
I f*ck with the weed not the xannies
I’m on a yacht and it’s private
It look just like that

Titanic, titanic
Titanic, titanic

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