Funky Dl – Moving Out Lyrics

Moving out, moving out, (I gotta go man)
Moving out, moving out, (I gotta go)

Verse One
Now it’s twenty 0-five, I’m still living with my Pops
I’m twenty-seven, nearly twenty-eight
Suffocating from the lack of space
So I found my own place, but my Father told me “don’t go
Stay here, you can rent that place for cash and make some doe”
But I knew that I was now a man and had to leave the nest
I had to be the King of my own castle and beat my chest
Gotta live my own rules, so I need my own roof
Peace Pops, I thank you for my whole youth
Before I left he me told to remember these words

“you’re alone this world, so stand firm”
I gotta say I learned a whole lot from this old Pops
Made me to the man I am, I gotta give him mo’ props
Packing up my boxes, it took me like a couple days
And now I’m standing in an empty room gazing
Thinking of the memories I’m taking to my new home
Doing everything alone, then I phoned for a cab
I packed the elevator, made a few trips
Got my clothes on the back seat
And plus my music in the trunk
And it’s the 10th of October
The Dennison chapter of my life is over…

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