Future Fights Back Baby Mama Eliza Reign’s Defamation Lawsuit

Future is fighting back at his baby mama Eliza Reign’s defamation lawsuit in his music.

After denying that he was the father of Eliza ‘Reign’ Seraphin’s baby for over a year, DNA proved to be Future’s downfall in the end. Seraphin won her paternity case against the “Trillionaire” rapper last month when the court determined that baby Reign is, indeed, his 7th child. In the wake of the verdict, Eliza Reign stated her intention to seek monthly child support of $53,000, but she now has another case aimed at her baby daddy.

The Florida resident is suing Future for libel, slander, and emotional distress based on accusations that he tried to pressure her into aborting the baby, and also “stole” his last name by giving their daughter the surname Wilburn. Seraphin drew attention to Future’s 2019 track, “Last Name”, whose lyrics include, “I don’t know her name and she had my child / Laughin’ to the bank, got me runnin’ wild.”

The baby mama claims that she received a text from the rapper which read, “U bogus, stole my last name now u want to b relevant.” The documents in her court case further allege that Future seems to be under the impression that Seraphin was able to get pregnant on her own (making her out to be a woman who sleeps around for financial benefit), and not as a result of the two-year-long sexual relationship that the pair engaged in.

Future now wants the matter to be dismissed on the basis that Seraphin’s name was never mentioned in the song, and therefore, he “failed to violate her constitutional rights or inflict emotional distress on her.” The rapper, who reportedly earns $20 million a year, also wants Seraphin to fit the bill for his legal costs.

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