G Herbo – By Any Means Lyrics (feat. 21 Savage)

[Verse 1: G Herbo]
Uh, I used to be trippin’ like a motherf**ker, uh
That’s ’cause I ain’t listen to a motherf**ker
Used to take a Crush and pour a six up in that motherf**ker
Ran it up and now I’m richer than a motherf**ker
And I’m glistenin’ like a motherf**ker (Motherf**ker)
I say f**k ’em all, ’cause they don’t got no love for us (They don’t got no love for us)
We way up top, I don’t see nobody but God above us (Uh)
Get so high, I feel like I’m in the stars
Matter fact, pull a Wraith out the garage
I just might f**k around, buy eight cars
Know it’s gon’ only be one I’ma drive
I’m the one who made me everything I’ma be
Chose my road like the Wizard of Oz
Pop out, I look like a blizzard, my God
Look at my neck and my wrist, oh my God
This all the shit I worked hard and I prayed for
Know I deserve it, that’s word to Yah
Love all my fans, and that’s word to y’all
Twenty a verse, yeah, you heard the ball
Been stackin’ and grindin’ and stackin’ and grindin’ and stackin’ and grindin’ ’til somethin’ tell me, “Herb, just ball”
Ten thousand ones in the VIP, watch it fall
Ain’t gon’ see only me shine, watch us all
No, I ain’t here all the time, but they still show me love
So this bitch on my hip, watch your dawg
Ain’t with that drunk shit, we ain’t come to brawl
Aww, you know lil’ bro lettin’ it off
Really it took me to stop him to keep him from droppin’ you
Should’ve just let him get off
Bitch, I go hard in the paint, but I still’ll pop out, start shootin’, I’m Steph and Gasol
They tryna copy my swag but they can’t keep up, they just gettin’ what’s left of the sauce
They like, “Damn, Swervo, what the f**k? Why you keep switchin’ up?”
Ayy, I’m the king ’round this bitch, listen up (Listen up)
And it cost nothin’ to get you hit up (Hit up)
Get a nigga crib lit up (Up)
Walk up, hit his rib and up (Up)
Two to the head, he shakin’, he checkin’, they want you to live, get up
That’s the shit I live, it’s nuts (It’s nuts)
I’m alive ’cause I don’t give a f**k (f**k)
You tryna slide, it’s nothin’
I seen homicide, it’s nothin’, they said they outside, he stuntin’
It’s 4:30 somethin’, he on Live, but bitch, we been ridin’ since one
And we gon’ ride as one, we all goin’ down as one
Got three thirty clips, that’s a hundred
Cops had me, I ain’t say nothin’
Told ’em to suck it, f**k ’em
Still in this shit, I ain’t duckin’
Worth too many millions
Foenem say get from around here, you trippin’, you buggin’
I’m just so used to thuggin’
Grip in this bitch, I’ma buck ’em
Up with the ball, I’ma truck ’em
I gotta ball like the Rucker
Game on the line, I’ma snug ’em, f**k ’em
Guess I’m a by-any-means type of motherf**ker

[Verse 2: 21 Savage]
We not in a frat, but we step (21)
I got more stripes than a ref (On God)
The police behind me, I left (Straight up)
I’m runnin’ ’til I’m out of breath (On God)
I told ’em I needed some help (21)
They looked at me like they was deaf (On God)
We tried to be like BMF (Straight up)
But niggas was all for theyself (On God)
You get extorted for playin’ tough
Nigga, no cap, I was on the move, shots went off and my Glock had jammed up
We ain’t even makin’ no R.I.P. post ’til we come hit a couple y’all mans up
I don’t even bring my niggas ’round rappers, I know they gon’ f**k my face up
Know all my niggas gon’ take somethin’
Say that you a dog, nigga, shake somethin’ (21)
Broad daylight, nigga, face somethin’ (Straight up)
f**k school, we was in the hood tryna make somethin’, you was with a bitch tryna cake somethin’ (On God)
Fix my plate, bet I ate somethin’, you was lookin’ for a reason so that you can hate somethin’ (21)
You can’t keep all of that shit bottled in, I wish your lil’ pussy ass say somethin’ (Pussy)
He did, we slid (Skrrt)
We don’t give a f**k ’bout your kid (On God)
My brother like Glocks and FN’s, but Savage gon’ keep him a SIG (No cap)
The coroner thought he had a lacefront on, the way this Draco split his wig (Straight up)
You a baby when it come to this gangster shit, somebody get this nigga a bib, pussy

[Outro: 21 Savage]
Pussy, pussy
You little pussy

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