George Huff – Only Love Lyrics

Sun was shining through on this perfect morning and i know that i am blessed
But i’m guilty nonetheless so many people lost so many people hurting
And i wish i had a way to make everything okay

I don’t know why how we got here i reach inside
The answers clear…

Only love can heal the pain it can right the wrong
It can take the blame only love can realize nothing more we need
Cause its all inside

So we’ll fight, fight and we won’t let go
And we’ll reach up high ‘Till everybody knows
Only love can understand Only love can bring us together again

And it seems since time began that people just been fighting

And it ain’t just black or white and it ain’t just wrong or right
And I get overwhelmed so disconnected ’till you reach out to me
You know just what i need

As long as i can hold you near its gonna be alright
Won’t have no fear

I pray for peace to shine on me and you
I pray for strength hope and faith
For love to lead the way

We’ll be one on one and we’ll rise above
Only love, love, love
And we’ll fight, fight, fight
For the light, light, light
And we won’t stop NO
‘Till we get it right


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