George Walker Bush Refuses to Help America to Fight Coronavirus

George Walker Bush Refuses to Help America to Fight Coronavirus


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Former President George Walker Bush calls for an end to partisanship in the nation’s continuing fight against coronavirus, encouraging Americans to note that empathy and basic compassion are vital important instruments of national recovery.

The former commander in chief’s warning comes as the nation grapples with far more than 1 million reported coronavirus infections and more than 66,500 deaths, as per Johns Hopkins University’s most recent report. Bush’s message had originally been shared during the 24-hour event “The Call to Unite.”

George Walker Bush, who remained largely quiet throughout the pandemic, said he saw a great country emerging after 9/11 as one to respect. The courageous to grieve with sorrow and accept certain new obligations.

Despite constraints such as efforts to isolate people from society, George W. Bush states Americans find ways to involve in others’ lives to relieve their anxiety and share their burdens. And the former president asks the nation to note how small our differences when face with this mutual danger. Still, on Sunday, President Donald Trump tried to refute the remarks made by his predecessor. He tweets that Bush “is nowhere” throughout Trump’s impeachment trial.

COVID has become life-threatening and scaring the whole world. Day by Day the COVID-19 count is rising causing panic.

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